About - Vague Persona
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Ashej Mawein


Ashej (pronounced ‘Ash-esh’) is an inspiring fashion blogger & style influencer based in Sydney,  Australia. Through her blog, which heavily consists of fashion & style inspiration, she will be using this platform to sprinkle love, innovation & inspire at best. With the assistance of utilising modern day technology, Ashej has rapidly gained social media attention with her creative flair in expressing her style in combination with photographic visuals that has caught the attention of many.

Who is & What is Vague Persona?


Vague persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible. Here I’ll be able to offer advice & assistance with great versatility in my personal style & fashion sense, you’ll also be able to find unpredictable, complex, stylish & playful looks that range from street style, elegance, exotic wear, casual wear, preppy looks & bohemian vibes.