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Lifestyle / 25.12.2017

Edgy Sophistication Edgy Sophistication is a look inspired by the Ralph Lauren 2017 fall collection worn by Black Lively. The head-to-toe menswear outfit is a three-piece suit that includes a coat, suit jacket & tailored pants. The all in grey plaid suit had a masculine vibe that I absolutely loved. Mimicking the Ralph Lauren 2017 menswear collection, I managed to pair together a two piece plaid tailored set from PLT (Pretty Little Thing). Giving it a sophisticated look, I then added an Allure lace black bodysuit from beginning boutique. The lace...

Lifestyle / 12.12.2017

Finding myself Finding yourself after falling off can be the most difficult thing to do. So many of us during our youth are going through a very similar phase. I've provided this post to give you guys a little insight on how I've been able to overcome depressing situations in my life & finding myself. As we're reaching the final days of 2017, I'm happy that I've taken baby steps in my journey throughout this year. I've lost so many people in my life & yet have gained all the...