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Edgy Sophistication

Edgy Sophistication

Edgy Sophistication is a look inspired by the Ralph Lauren 2017 fall collection worn by Black Lively. The head-to-toe menswear outfit is a three-piece suit that includes a coat, suit jacket & tailored pants. The all in grey plaid suit had a masculine vibe that I absolutely loved.

Mimicking the Ralph Lauren 2017 menswear collection, I managed to pair together a two piece plaid tailored set from PLT (Pretty Little Thing). Giving it a sophisticated look, I then added an Allure lace black bodysuit from beginning boutique. The lace bodysuit alone wasn’t going to be enough to make it a classy look.

As we all may know, a lot of our favourite influencers & celebrities are rocking a beret this fall so its only fair I stayed on trend & pulled off the look with a chic, classic black beret from Peppermayo. I topped off the look with cat-eyed black shades that had a dramatic slice across the top. This gave the whole look the edgy side needed. Personally, I feel like I don’t suit any type of shades so I found it risky that I went straight for dramatic ones.


Getting this look together & brainstorming ideas was fun but unfortunately, the not so fun part was receiving my orders & also major sizing issues. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Thing &  I’ve never actually encountered any issues with the brand from past experiences.

I actually had to order the tailored plaid pants 3 times & have them refunded twice because there had been huge issues with sizing. I’ve put myself through so much trouble because this was my vision. Being the hard head I am, I was determined not to change up this look. It had to be brought to life even if I had to get it readjusted to fit me perfectly.

Normally I’m a size 6 but it was completely sold out so I forced an 8. The size 8 came in 10x bigger then normal & I was majorly confused. Emailing the brand & letting them know of my issue they unfortunately, don’t do refunds. So I had to return it & basically make another order. Discovering PLT had restocked a size 6, I was able to purchase my normal size. Again the 6 had strangely seemed like it was a size 10, by that time I was starting to lose my temper. I did not allow my anger get the best of me & so made another order & refunded the 6.

This time it was the smallest size in a 4 that I had purchased & quite frankly even the 4 was not sized up right. All 3 sizes went past my feet, either I was too short or the pants were specifically tailored for tall people. Nonetheless I still managed to pull of this look & bring it all to life & came out a lot better then I had originally planned.




As the year is coming to an end I would just love to wish you all VERY Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone that has showed continuous support to Vague Persona throughout this year. I’m looking forward to whats coming in 2018 & hoping to catch more blessings. As we’re going into the massive festive week lets not forget to keep in mind that we stay safe & look after ourselves.


Love Ash xx


  • Hat Peppermayo
  • Top/Shades Beginning Boutique
  • Tailored plaid pants & jacket Pretty Little thing



























Ashej Mawien

Vague Persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible.

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