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Finding Myself

Finding myself

Finding yourself after falling off can be the most difficult thing to do. So many of us during our youth are going through a very similar phase. I’ve provided this post to give you guys a little insight on how I’ve been able to overcome depressing situations in my life & finding myself. As we’re reaching the final days of 2017, I’m happy that I’ve taken baby steps in my journey throughout this year. I’ve lost so many people in my life & yet have gained all the more. The most important thing I’ve learnt from my experiences is that life is about evolving, growing, & flourishing. I’ve had to remove the toxic energy out of my life in order to find peace within myself. I feel like at my age(19), I’m trying to understand the true meaning of life & my relationship with those around me.

Unfortunately, from friendships to my love life it has taken quiet the toll on me & I did go through a phase of feeling down & depressed which has led me to losing a mass amount of weight. I’ve become so thin that those who haven’t seen me in a while don’t recognise me & it worried me at times. I know I’m a strong woman & I can overcome any obstacle thats thrown at me. Blogging is something that helps me get in tone with my creative sense. It takes me away from reality, I create my own world & can be my own person when styling different looks & being someone new everyday.


I’ve discovered that a lot of my emotional breakdowns were mainly coming from negative energy around me. There’s been times where I’ve felt like I didn’t belong around certain friendship groups. The more I felt misunderstood, the more I distance myself away from people. I had goals that I wanted to accomplish but felt like not everybody around me was there to help me reach my goals or support me at all. Over the years cutting of people became easier, I never questioned. I just did it & it felt so good.

I personally can’t give anyone a step by step guide on how to overcome their obstacles. You’re the only person who has the power to discover that within yourself. We’re all different, have gone through different stages in our lives that change us for the better or worse. You hold the key to your own happiness. Make decisions based on whether making that certain sacrifice will be worth it or not. It may be hard losing the people you once cared about in your life but you see a major difference in your happiness when focused on yourself. I’ve learnt a lot of things the hard way but that has made me the strong woman that I am today. Live your best life & have no regrets.


Kerry Chavez is a great friend of mine & creative soul that has incredible videography skills. I’ve been very lucky to have collaborated with someone whom we both share the same visuals. Brainstorming ideas with Kerry is always a walk in the park. We both understand each other so well & I’m extremely proud of Kerry for following her dreams. She’s received her acceptance letter to be enrolled for 2018 AFTRS (The Australian film, Television & Radio School) & this has driven her to do even more films in the future. We wanted to do a classy vintage vibe. A completely different vibe from all my past looks. I love how well everything turned out & I’m glad Kerry was the one who helped me bring it all to life.


Ashej Mawien

Vague Persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible.

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