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Kylie Cosmetics Valentines collection (Late review)

Before we even get into my little review on kylies’ valentines collection which by the way I’m ONE MONTH late on reviewing, I deeply apologise to all as I’m trying my very hardest to stay consistent and active on here as much as I can, so with that being said lets get into it.

When purchasing this special edition (I thought f*ck roses, I wanted this Valentines edition) I was literally so excited about the packaging from the lip kits being designed into red glittery dripping lipstick from mini eyeshadow packages with adorable mini glosses and matte lipsticks inside, as well as the highlight of this whole collection which was my personal favourite the Kylie diary palette. The creative team really got together something that will capture the eye of any make up enthusiast which I was very impressed with the whole marketing aspect of the whole Valentines collection was on point.

We all know Kylie cosmetics isn’t the most affordable make up outlet in the market so as soon as it she dropped the collection I had to desperately get my hands on them, being the devious child I was I “borrowed” my mums credit card (hold your horses, I paid her back so its not all that bad) and made the purchase myself which incredibly to my surprise (not really) the second Kylie releases a limited edition product best believe they sell out within the blink of an eye so I was hoping to get the WHOLE collection but unfortunately could only purchase what was available which I was still very happy with since the second I finalised my purchase everything was automatically sold out. 

Pros & Cons 

Kylie Diary Palette Pro; this palette was actually a lot more pigmented then I had thought only had the doubt simply because of a lot of past reviews I’ve been catching up on from a few beauty influencers BUT I personally had found my palette pretty pigmented which is why I’d give it an 8/10.. & no there isn’t any cons so not bad Ky.

The Valentines lip kitPro; Beautiful bright pink, I really think this colour is mostly suited to those of a fairer skin tone & can be pulled off with winged eyeliner & a smudge of eyeliner.
Con; It did not look as bright on the site as it did in person so unfortunately it did not suit me as I am of a darker skin tone but doesn’t mean it still can’t be used for high editorial fashion shoots that require a pop of bright colours on magical melanin filled skin. 

Ashej Mawien

Vague Persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible.

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