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Lifestyle / 12.12.2017

Finding myself Finding yourself after falling off can be the most difficult thing to do. So many of us during our youth are going through a very similar phase. I've provided this post to give you guys a little insight on how I've been able to overcome depressing situations in my life & finding myself. As we're reaching the final days of 2017, I'm happy that I've taken baby steps in my journey throughout this year. I've lost so many people in my life & yet have gained all the...

Fashion / 26.11.2017

40 Random Facts about me Hey guys! Hows everyone going? hopefully you're all doing well. So I'm still fairly new to blogging and only launched Vague Persona last month. I think the lot of you guys need to know me a bit more. Here we'll be taking a small break from fashion & just getting to know bits of pieces of who I am. Growing Up Most cases people struggled to pronounced my name (Ashej) so I refer to myself as Ash most of the time Ashej is pronounced as...

Fashion / 19.11.2017

  • Living in the Northern hemisphere & in desperate need of styling tips for the seasons coldest coming up?
  • Seeking to feel cozy & warm while also looking super chic & stylish?
  • Genuinely love Vague Persona & going to continue reading regardless if the first two questions relate to you or not?