Vague Persona - 90s Parisian Nights in Chinatown
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Parisian Nights in Chinatown

                                      Parisian Nights in Chinatown

This look gives me major Parisian vibes, a very cool, laid back & articulate look that can define the most classic way to do an old school 90s street style. The pants & the hat were the stars of the whole look. I made sure to add a little flavour into it by having added a classic Chinese book (Which I can’t even read). I specifically chose a Chinese book because Kerry & I had shot this at china town & wanted to bring the whole Aesthetic to life. We had probably unexpectedly experienced a very funny & crazy night. It all seemed normal on snapchat but the grass was far from being greener on the other side. Rain was pouring maliciously the second we got off our train at China town (Major vibe kill) but we still managed to make it work.

Walking through the China town markets I found very inspiring. Being someone who’s in love with the Chinese culture I still enjoyed the environment we were in. Through our little journey in china town we discovered a long line of people waiting for what they called “Puff puffs”. Heading over to the line to see what the hype was about we gave these puff puffs a try. The puff puffs were so warm, creamy & tasty, basically mini pastry balls filled with creamy custard. I couldn’t help myself but eat the most out of the lot.



Evidently it was THE coldest night out ever & I literally froze my nipples off, you could see two nipples perfectly defined through my I-AM-GIA black leotard top with an open back that had so much detail as the lace was tied up in a criss crossed pattern. This top definitely isn’t the easiest to put on yourself because of the precision of the details at the back but with the assistance of someone else you had to make sure every lace went through the right hole. Luckily I had Kerry to assist me with that. Nonetheless from getting yelled at by drunken creeps in the late night busy streets of Sydney to standing next to a heater at a near by restaurant for hours while security watched on looking as if he was ready to kick us out, Kerry & I had a delightful night together at China town relishing the Chinese culture & eating at Korean restaurants.



Ashej Mawien

Vague Persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible.

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