40 Random Facts About Ash - Vague Persona
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40 Random Facts About Ash

40 Random Facts about me

Hey guys! Hows everyone going? hopefully you’re all doing well. So I’m still fairly new to blogging and only launched Vague Persona last month. I think the lot of you guys need to know me a bit more. Here we’ll be taking a small break from fashion & just getting to know bits of pieces of who I am.

Growing Up

  1. Most cases people struggled to pronounced my name (Ashej) so I refer to myself as Ash most of the time
  2. Ashej is pronounced as “Ash-esh” or you can just call me Ash lmao
  3. I’m the eldest of 6 kids
  4. I speak Arabic & Dinka (Native language)
  5. I left my birth country at 2 months old & lived a quarter of my childhood in Cairo, Egypt.
  6. At 5 years old my family & I moved to Sydney, Australia
  7. Never met my grandma since leaving South Sudan but I wish to visit her one day
  8. Ever since coming to Australia I’ve never travelled overseas (Hopefully I will in the future)
  9. I used to take singing & dancing lessons
  10. My mum is the hardest working woman alive. My ambitious & determined attitude towards success is something I’ve inherited from her
  11. I used to do serious athletic competitions in & outside of school (Collecting plenty of trophies & awards alongside my sister)
  12. People think my mum and I are sisters

High School/ Current Studies

  1. I went to an all girls catholic school
  2. I wore braces throughout high school for 3 years
  3. I had the most questionable wardrobe during my early days in high school
  4. I’ve always had a thing for extravagant clothing. Mufti day I wore a fancy pink turtle neck with sparkles all over it & all my friends would laugh ahahahah
  5. In year 10, everyone in my group got legitimate presents for each other for Kriss Kringle & I managed to get my friend a $2 hair tie from Coles
  6. I was studying Bachelors of business UWS but recently differed from my last semester
  7. I’m going into my third year of uni beginning 0f 2018

Goals, Personal traits & All Around Random

  1. My favourite colour is Yellow
  2. My favourite sporting brand is Puma
  3. I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with online shopping
  4. I want to inspire & uplift others
  5. I got my first job 14 which helped me gain significant independence
  6. My make up skills have tremendously improved since the beginning of the year
  7. I love all things beauty & fashion
  8. I believe in strange superstitions such as walking through two post poles can bring bad luck.
  9. I’m easily forgiving which I sometimes see as a burden
  10. I love drug store make up & use it most of the time
  11. I used to be the biggest Naruto fan back in my early high school days (Still am but not as much)


  1. I’ve been wanting to blog since 2014 but only started taking it seriously this year
  2. My first blog was launched 2014 & I named it ‘Unpredictable Taste’
  3. Its my dream to make Vague Persona a success because this is my vision & passion
  4. I’m an unhealthy perfectionist
  5. I have a beauty spot just above the left corner of my lip
  6. My personal style reflects what mood I’m in
  7. I got my Ps back in October 2016 & never drove since
  8. Only got my car 2 days ago (November 2017)


Ashej Mawien

Vague Persona embodies what it is to be a strong & independent woman, a diva, a fashionista someone whose individuality & difference can stand out from the rest but also relatable in every aspect possible.

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